Beginners Photography Course

Beginners Photography Course 01

Beginners Photography Course

If you are looking for a photography course in Essex, why not start with our two week beginners course? These lessons will be perfect for someone who is completely new to photography training and who needs advice and inspiration plus excellent photography tuition on how to use their camera without needing the automatic mode!

If you want expert photography tuition and wish to know how to use your camera without delving too deeply into the subject then this will be the course for you.

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This course can be a stand-alone unit if you wish but it is also a very good precursor to our six week intermediate photography course which goes beyond the basics to study photography in more detail.

Please note: You will need to bring your camera with you to both evenings of this course!


Week One: Will be covering all the universal camera controls and functions which are found on most modern cameras from basic focus, exposure modes, understanding your camera’s menu, adjusting white balance, choosing the right image size and quality and exposure compensation.

Week two: Will be covering more menus, controls and functions such as exposure histogram, manual exposure metering, picture styles, auto bracketing, bulb setting, exposure lock, release modes and colour space.


All the skills you will be taught are easily transferable, so this course will be useful regardless of the genre of photography you are interested in. You will be able to tackle many subjects such as landscape, sports, wildlife and portrait photography.

You do not need any expensive equipment for this course. The whole point of this photography training course is to learn how to use the camera you already have. Please bring your camera to the course so that I can show you around all the menus and functions that are specific to your camera.

Gift vouchers are available for this course. Please contact us for your requirements.


This beginners photography course is conducted in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. I feel we learn and retain more of what we are taught when we are enjoying ourselves. A full set of notes with all the course material will be emailed to each student so you can remember what you have learned. These notes are for you to keep.