Classroom Photography Courses

Beginners Photography Course

Beginners Photography Course 01
Beginners Photography Course If you are looking for a photography course in Essex, why not start with our two week beginners course? These lessons will be perfect for someone who is completely new to photography training and who needs advice and inspiration plus excellent photography tuition on how to use their camera without needing the automatic mode! If you want expert photography tuition and wish to know how to use your camera without delving too Click here for more information...

Intermediate Photography Course

Intermediate Photography Course
This six week intermediate classroom-based photography training course in Essex is designed to show you how to look at the world in a different way, giving you advice and inspiration to improve your photography. Each week this course will be covering a new area of photography. Please read on for full details of this course plus venue, times, etc: [robo-gallery id=”4190″] Week one includes: creative use of focal length, lens choice, lens speed, light meters, Click here for more information...

Advanced Photography Course

Castle Ruins Advanced Photography Course
Advanced Photography from ArtEscape Photography This advanced six week photography training course follows on from our beginners photography course and our intermediate course. It covers a number of creative photography subjects extending your skills to a higher level. This course is suitable for students who have already taken the beginner/intermediate course or for anyone who has a reasonable level of understanding and experience of photographic imaging. If you are unsure as to whether this course Click here for more information...

Digital Imaging Course

Digital_photography_course_9Digital Photography Course 8
Take the Next Step Forward with Digital Imaging Courses from ArtEscape Photography in Essex Now you have the skills and knowledge to use your digital SLR, this course is the next step when it comes to photographic imaging and the post production part of photography. This course has been written with Photoshop Elements in mind. This is because Elements is very reasonably priced, whilst offering all the controls and functions a photographer will need plus Click here for more information...
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