Distance Learning Photography Courses

Artificial Light Photography Course

Artificial Light Photography Course
This distance learning course covers artificial light, including on-camera flashlight; for example, how to use the camera’s built-in flash unit and hotshoe mounted flash units, as well as studio-style lighting units. Using flash creatively with long exposures and fill-in flash for professional outside portraits, along with modifying your flash unit’s output; all this is covered in detail. This course also covers how to shoot various types of subjects, such as glass and reflective subjects, to Click here for more information...

Distance Learning Digital Imaging Course

Digital Photography Course 1
This set of lessons covers the digital “on the computer” part of photography, so to speak. To get the best from the images you take an understanding of computer post-production techniques is essential. From basic editing such as adjusting the brightness, contrast and colour of an image to dropping in a new sky using layers, this set of lessons looks at all these subjects in detail with step-by-step instructions to follow. Included in the cost of Click here for more information...

Distance Learning Macro And Nature Photography Course

Kingfisher Macro Nature
This two-lesson unit covers macro and nature photography. I think these two lessons work well together because many nature photographers are also keen macro photographers, myself among them. The macro lesson looks at equipment needed for macro photography which can be surprisingly inexpensive. It covers composition, lighting, technical aspects such as depth of field, shutter speed, focusing the subject and focus-stacking which is an incredibly useful technique to extend the depth of field of the Click here for more information...

Distance Learning Portrait Photography Course

Distance learning Portrait Photography Course Male Model
This home study/distance learning course covers all aspects of portrait photography from posing your subject, lighting: (both natural and studio lighting) low key and high key lighting, what backgrounds to use, how to make your sitter look their best, how to build a rapport with your subject and much, much more. [robo-gallery id=”4322″] Along with the fully-illustrated lessons there are a number of projects to complete. Photography is a practical subject so it’s important to Click here for more information...

Landscape Photography Course

Landscape Photography Course 1
This home study/distance learning course, as the name suggests, focuses on landscape photography. From the technical aspects such as controlling depth of field, plus using shutter speeds creatively to creating dynamic compositions and understanding how to use light and colour. This course is about producing images with impact and mood, which is of course what this kind of photography is all about. Also covered is the use of photographic filters and high dynamic range technique Click here for more information...

Full Photography Course Collection of Lessons

Photography Course Collection of Lessons
This full photography course collection of lessons is based on a number of classroom photography courses I teach at various locations around the Essex area. After helping many people to improve their photography, we decided to combine our series of classroom photography courses into one distance learning photography course available to you, regardless of where you live. This course is over 100,000 words long and packed full of illustrations and photographs. It has everything you Click here for more information...
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