Wildlife Photography Course at Pensthorpe Natural Park

                                   Wildlife Photography course at Pensthorpe Natural Park


This full-day photography course will focus primarily on how to get great wildlife images. Pensthorpe natural park offers fantastic opportunities to learn and practise the photography skills needed to shoot wildlife images with real impact.


We will cover the technical side of wildlife photography such as controlling depth of field, focusing modes for wildlife photography, avoiding camera- shake when using long focal lengths, exposure modes for wildlife photography, exposure histogram,white balance and choosing the right shutter speed.


We will also look at composition, use of light for wildlife photography and how to approach and plan a wildlife photography trip.

Pensthorpe offers so many varied habitats for wildlife photography. From wetland areas, woodland photography hides, to the resident populations of flamingoes and photogenic wading birds. Along with learning how to take great wildlife pictures you will also go home with some very memorable wildlife images.


A full set of comprehensive notes will be sent to you at the end of the course.

There will also be time to look at more general techniques such as achieving a big depth of field for landscape photography and close-up photography. The varied habitats of Pensthorpe really lend themselves to many types of photography.


The cost of this course is £99.00 for the day which includes entry into Pensthorpe Natural park and a light lunch.


We meet at 9.30am at the Courtyard Café for a quick coffee before entering Pensthorpe the day concludes at 5pm.